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Maintenance need GU.
First of all, we must assume that a fitting is a mechanical part therefore subjected to mechanical stress. To guarantee the correct functioning of its components, GU's tilt-and-turn hardware is all
approved by the RAL seal, internationally recognized as the one with the highest technical demand and mechanical resistance.
However, all windows suffer, like the rest of the elements of a work, normal wear and tear caused by continued use. Therefore, the smoothness of the sliding and the duration of the window will depend above all on its care.
In addition to the mechanical wear caused by the passage of time, the hardware, as metal parts, are exposed.
to environmental inclemencies, which is why, for its correct conservation, it will be necessary to also take care of possible
damage that corrosion could cause to the hardware.
For all the reasons stated, for the correct operation and maintenance of the hardware, a minimum of care is necessary.
by the end user.
Maintenance Instructions.
1- Mechanical maintenance: Mechanical maintenance is advisable at least once a year, consisting of the following
• Cleaning and greasing of moving parts (indicated in the illustration).
• Use the lubricant (Vaseline oil Ref.64172).
• Checking the adjustment of the handle screws.
2- Anti-corrosion maintenance: For this maintenance, the manufacturer advises spraying the hardware with anti-corrosion spray
“CORTEC” (Ref. VCI 369) at least once a year, it being advisable to shorten the periods in areas of extreme salinity

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